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Yeah, with all my comments above already said, I still signed up for the beta. Maybe later this summer I’ll have access and time to play with it. For me, it fits both categories of “wow, that sounds really neat!” and “I have no idea what I’d do with that”

I finally got around to listening to this episode today. Croquet sounds fascinating in concept, but the demos on their site were unimpressive. Maybe they just need to do a better job explaining why what they were doing is better than what we have now in multi-user environments.

Maybe I’m limited by my perspective as a solo developer (I didn’t pick the name “vrhermit” at random) but I’m struggling to think of situations where I would use this–or any real time collaboration system.

I can’t get a sense of if this is a development platform, of just a means of communication that you can use in something you develop with other tools. The podcast made it sound like you would still need to host your own website or app on your servers, including any media and 3D content. Their API or OS or whatever you want to call it, just transmits the state of the world in real time (of near enough) not the actual data. If you and I are in a 3D scene together, looking at a globe, you could see me move the globe, point to it etc. But the Croquet network is not sharing the globe asset, just the scene state about the asset. If I, on my end, upload another 3D model and attach it to the globe, it seems like I would still have to produce a way to transmit that model to you outside of this network. You may start receiving data about its state right away, but until you have the model that data is worthless.

Notable: Support for MSAA (including some settings) and some fixes to controller rotation

Wolvic 0.9.6 Released

Lots of WebXR improvements in this release…

Write Hight

“Convert any greyscale image to 3D” …

Yeah, that is one of the reason I haven’t set this up for Bloops yet. For now I’m trying to post to Bloops first, as sort of my personal archive. Then I decide where else it makes sense to post.

Still, some really neat ideas coming from this community.

This project launched yesterday with 250 CC0 licensed 3D models. They said they plan to release more every week…

@trevorflowers@read.widerweb.org It might be worth mentioning this in the next issue to see if other folks want to get involved.


Stephen J Carnam is building a set of tools to combine PlayCanvas with WordPress. …

Bridgy connects your web site to social media.

Not XR, but certainly web as heck: …

I don’t follow the core development that closely as I’m mainly a consumer of Babylon JS, not a contributor. I can say that the community is massive. I’m always finding examples, demos, and help from people who are not working at Microsoft.

Babylon JS 5 Released Today

Kind of a big deal in my little world. BJS 5 has been available for a while but is officially launching today. …